Random Jaeger Name Generator

Nearly three years ago I made myself a bunch of tables to randomly generate some Jaeger names for a Cortex Plus Pacific Rim game I was tinkering with. I spiffed it up a bit design-wise, and decided to share. That’s 2,880 possible names, and yes, the tables are arranged so that you can get names like Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka, and Crimson Typhoon.

Nothing’s really come of that Cortex Plus Pacific Rim inspired game I was working on (as usual I lost interest but kept the notes), but people might still find these tables useful. You could use then for atlas names in Stras Acimovic’s upcoming Atlas Reckoning game (which is in closed beta now). I should really convert the tables to use playing cards rather than dice in that case though.


Random Jaeger Name Generator

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