Saturday Surprise: Boss Ooze

This past week’s Monday Monster was a Black Pudding. As I mentioned in that post, the Fate Adversary Toolkit had recently been released, and I wanted to make some monsters to fit the four new categories of enemies described in that book: fillers, hitters, threats, and bosses. So in addition to the Black Pudding (a threat) I made two more ooze-themed monsters, a Gelatinous Cube (a hitter) and a Gray Ooze (a filler), and put all three slimes on a two-page PDF (which you can grab here: A4-sized version / letter-sized version). But what about the fourth type of enemy, a boss?

Well, even as I was writing up the other three monsters I already had an idea for the “boss ooze” monster. I just knew I wouldn’t have it done in time for Monday’s post. So I decided to save it for a special Saturday post. And now I present: Jubilaxus!

tumblr_o5yxx2s0uz1twabyxo1_1280Or more accurately, Jubilaxus, the Myxogastric Lich. This character was inspired by the Lich Ichor paper mini created by Printable Heroes. I absolutely love that mini. How could you not like a puddle of green, translucent goo containing a half-dissolved skeleton wielding an evil-looking magical staff? It’s fantastic. The mini is a “reskin” of the Black Pudding and is only available to Tier 2 Patreon backers. (Which is why there’s no illustration on the character sheet.) If you want the character as a mini, go back their Patreon.

Jubilaxus is meant to be a tough foe. They’ve got the same five aspects the fantasy adventurers do, three stress boxes, the full complement of consequences, and four stunts. The Fate Adversary Toolkit notes that boss enemies are meant to be able to both deal and take a good amount of damage, and suggests putting their lead approach two steps higher than the PCs. As I’m intending Jubilaxus to be used with the fantasy adventurer characters I post here, that means their lead approach is a respectable Superb (+5).

Jubilaxus’ stunts were fun to come up with. Autophagia and Endogenesis are variations of boss stunts found in the Fate Adversary Toolkit, but flavored to fit the slime theme. As both of these stunts cost a Fate point to use, and one is a “once per session”, I don’t feel that four stunts is too many. Corrosive Counterspells emphasises Jubilaxus’ necromancer abilities, something I thought was important as Autophagia and Endogenesis are about them being an ooze. Meticulous Planning was suggested to me on Twitter by Mike Olsen, the lead developer & writer of the Atomic Robo RPG. I asked for ideas about how an NPC with a high Careful approach would make use of it. That lead to a great discussion about how the six approaches differ from one another, and how to make them feel distinct at the table. When I said I was looking for a Careful-themed stunt, Mike pointed out that Dr. Dinosaur from Atomic Robo had a stunt representing their reptilian cunning. I used that as inspiration for Jubilaxus’ stunt.

If you know something about Dungeons & Dragons lore, you can probably guess where part of Jubilaxus’ name comes from. I also liked the sound of the name “Abraxus” for a lich and so mashed those two together. “Myxogastric” comes from “myxogastria“, a grouping of slime molds. I wanted something kind of gross as a title, like mucus, but without going that gross. Slime molds are unicellular amoeboid organisms that have a disturbing (to me, anyway) ability to congregate and act as a single, mobile organism when food is scarce. I thought that fit nicely with the ooze-themed stunts, and turned it into an adjective.

I’ll aim to do these Saturday Surprise posts once or twice a month. I’d eventually like to start releasing short scenarios. Nothing too fancy. Just a boss NPC and some mooks, a few scenes, some zone maps, and a reason for the characters to get involved. I’ll have to work up to those though. In the meantime, enjoy Jubilaxus!

Jubilaxus, the Myxogastric Lich

High Concept: Large Undead Ooze Hybrid
Motivation: I Must Absorb All Magical Knowledge
Aspect: Highly Caustic Necrotic Slime
Aspect: Multiple Lifetimes Worth of Fell Secrets
Aspect: The Dread Staff of Gol Amoroth


  • Careful: Superb (+5)
  • Clever: Great (+4)
  • Flashy: Great (+4)
  • Forceful: Good (+3)
  • Quick: Fair (+2)
  • Sneaky: Good (+3)


  • Autophagia: Because I can consume my progeny to heal myself, if I am
    attacked and there is a jelly, ooze, or slime filler enemy in my zone, I can
    spend a Fate point to absorb it. The filler enemy gets taken out, and I
    suffer no damage.
  • Endogenesis: Because I can disgorge smaller slimes from within my bulk,
    once per session I can pay a Fate point to bring one Gelatinous Stalker,
    two Bone Puddings, or five Necrotic Oozes into the scene. (See below.)
  • Corrosive Counterspells: Because I infuse my counterspells with necrotic
    energy, whenever I Flashily defend against a magical attack and succeed
    with style, I can give the attacker a Weakened, Withered, or Corrupted
    aspect with a free invoke instead of gaining a boost.
  • Meticulous Planning: Because I have planned for every possibility, at the
    start of any scene where I am present, as a free action before anyone
    else acts, I may attempt to Carefully create an advantage to create the
    Everything Is Proceeding According to My Designs situation aspect.

Weight: 2 (Large)
Role: Enemy: Good Boss
Stress: ▢ ▢ ▢

  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):


You can download Jubilaxus, the Myxogastric Lich as an A4-sized PDF or a letter-sized PDF. As the special oozes created by the Engenesis stunt are modified versions of the Gelatinous Cube, Black Pudding, and Gray Ooze, you might want to grab the two-page A4-sized PDF or a letter-sized PDF of them too.



As I mentioned above, the Lich Ichor illustration is the paper mini made by Printable Heroes. The free versions  of the minis are backless, but if you support the Patreon at just $1 a month you get minis with backs. For $2 a month you get access to “reskins” (like the Lich Ichor), and for $3 a month you get multiple color options. That’s a fantastic deal.

Saturday Surprise: Boss Ooze

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