Wednesday Warriors: Human Wizard

If you saw yesterday’s post, you know I’m having internet issues at home. As a result, there wasn’t a Monday Monsters post this week, and this post will be a bit short. I’ll try to make up for it by posting something special for next week’s Monday Monsters entry.

An “intelligence-based” wizard is such a classic fantasy RPG character type that I felt I had to make one. But I also didn’t want to get bogged down with spell lists, schools of magic, and casting styles. You can absolutely do that with Extras in Fate and Fate Accelerated, but I wanted to keep things simple. As Fate Accelerated uses approaches instead of skills, the game doesn’t really care about what a character is doing, but how they’re doing it. That means a hardy knight swinging a sword as hard as they can and a wizard casting a big, powerful fireball spell will both use the Forceful approach.

On the one hand, that’s great. Players don’t have to worry about the mechanics of what their character is doing. It’s all description, and that allows players to narrate their characters doing awesome things without the game fighting against them. But that also means it’s sometimes hard to differentiate characters. A wizard with a good Forceful approach can use it to cast a big spell or to swing a sword just as hard as the knight. And if the knight learned to cast some spells? They can use their Forceful approach for a big fireball. Which is where aspects and stunts come into play, naturally.

Some aspects are called “permission aspects”, and they give a character the fictional permission to do certain things. Spellcasting is a good example. Unless a character has an aspect that either implies or explicitly states they can use magic, then they can’t. Aspects like Battlemage, Arcane Pistoleer, and Runepriest are all permission aspects in that way, as they indicate the character can use magic. A character with “wizard” in their high concept aspect, very clearly has permission to use magic.

Human Wizard

High Concept: Ingenious Human Wizard
Motivation: I Must Atone For The Evil I Unleashed
Aspect: Former Master Of The Ebon Circle
Aspect: Much Older Than I Look
Aspect: The Legendary Staff Of Avan-Rakash


  • Careful: Fair (+2)
  • Clever: Good (+3)
  • Flashy: Fair (+2)
  • Forceful: Average (+1)
  • Quick: Mediocre (+0)
  • Sneaky: Average (+1)


  • Adaptive Magic: Because I can modify my magic on the fly, whenever I
    Cleverly attack with a spell and succeed with style, I can create an aspect
    representing a magical effect with a free invoke instead of gaining a boost.
  • Counterspell: Because I can cast negating spells, once per scene when I use
    a spell to Flashily defend against magic, I may shift down my opponent’s
    result by one step. If I do, the scene gains a Dangerous Arcane Feedback
    situation aspect with no free invoke.
  • Eldritch Lore: Because I have studied tomes of occult knowledge, I get
    +2 to Cleverly overcome obstacles if I can explain how such knowledge is
    relevant to the situation at hand.

Stress: ▢ ▢ ▢

  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):

You can download the Ingenious Human Wizard as an A4-sized PDF or a letter-sized PDF.


The character illustration is the free paper mini made by Printable Heroes. The free versions are backless, but if you support the Patreon at just $1 a month you get minis with backs. For $2 a month you get access to “reskins”, and for $3 a month you get multiple color options. That’s a fantastic deal.

Wednesday Warriors: Human Wizard

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Warriors: Human Wizard

  1. Two Thanks: First for this idea showcasing classic DnD mechanics in a Fate dressing is super useful to me. And secondly for sharing Printable Heroes. I knew of them but I only play online. But using them as character art: That’s useful!


    1. hyvemynd says:

      Thanks very much Chaosmeister. Classic fantasy is such a major touchstone that almost everyone knows what a fantasy setting looks like, and Dungeons & Dragons is the entry point to roleplaying games for many people. Using both of those to help explain how a new system works has really helped me, and I thought it might help other people as well. Printable Heroes does fantastic illustration work. I’m glad you find me resources useful. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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