Monday Monsters: Human Bandits

Apart from the ghoul, ghast, and gray ooze, all of the Monday Monsters I’ve made so far have been large, solo creatures. While you can certainly include multiple big monsters in a scene, and should for climactic battles, sometimes you want to include hordes of enemies the player characters can wade through relatively easily to feel like badasses.

That’s where filler NPCs come in. Fillers are one of the new enemy types introduced in the Fate Adversary Toolkit along with threats, hitters, and bosses. Fillers have only a few aspects, a few skills, no stunts, and a fairly small number of stress boxes. They’re not meant to put up a fight, even in large groups. In fact, they’re called fillers because you can fill a scene with them and still not overwhelm the player characters.

As I haven’t done low-level mooks before, I was looking for a chance to make some, and the Bandits Pack of paper minis by Paper Forge seemed like a good opportunity to do so. I seriously considered giving these bandits a stunt (maybe a bonus to avoid being disarmed due to their two weapons), or making the bandit arbalester a hitter rather than a filler, but decided not to. Not every monster or NPC can be important enough to warrant the extra mechanics, as fun as they are to make.


Bandit Thug

High Concept: Desperate Human Rogue
Motivation: I Must Not Be Caught Again


  • Quick: Average (+1)
  • Others: Mediocre (+0)

Weight: 1 (Medium)
Role: Enemy: Average Filler

Bandit Arbalester

High Concept: Wary Human Rogue
Motivation: I Must Eliminate Threats Quickly


  • Careful: Fair (+2)
  • Others: Mediocre (+0)

Weight: 1 (Medium)
Role: Enemy: Fair Filler
Stress: ▢ ▢

You can download the Bandits as an A4-sized PDF or a letter-sized PDF.


The NPC illustrations are the free paper minis made by Paper Forge. The free versions are backless, but if you support the Patreon at just $1 a month you get minis with backs and B&W versions, and for $2 a month you get access to multiple color options. That’s well worth checking out.

Monday Monsters: Human Bandits

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