Wednesday Warriors: Minotaur Druid

Another species of hero I haven’t done yet for today’s Wednesday Warriors: a minotaur.

With only six approaches and a single spread of numbers to plug in, I sometimes find it difficult to not replicate the stats of a previous adventurer. Let’s face it though, there are a finite number of combinations and I’m eventually going to start repeating stats. (If I was better at math I could tell you how many combinations there are. But I’m not.) That doesn’t matter all that much really, because a character’s aspects and stunts are really what makes them unique. Still, I’m trying not to use the same spread of approaches for different adventurers if I can help it.

Like cleric, druids in Dungeons & Dragons sometimes have access to healing magic. As I explained with the half elf cleric a while back, because of how stress and consequences work in Fate and Fate Accelerated Edition, healing magic has the potential to be very powerful. So, rather than give the minotaur druid healing abilities, I sidestepped the issue and made them an elementalist. I’ve already done a fire themed mage, and I had stone on the brain from writing up a basilisk for this week’s Monday Monsters post, so an earth themed druid seemed fun.

Burden of Stone and Hymns of the Earth are defensive stunts. The first rewards the druid for defending with their lead approach, similar to the dwarf runepriest, while the second allows them to control the flow of battle somewhat. I’m imagining the minotaur’s bellowing song causing pillars of rock to burst from the ground (Yes, yes. Like Ludo from Labyrinth) which provide cover for allies and makes it more difficult for opponents to get in close. Though I have no doubt creative players will find other uses for the stunt. Thunderhoof Charge was, well, I couldn’t make a minotaur character and not give them a stunt about hitting opponents with their horns.

The aspects for this character came together pretty quickly. The high concept is always [descriptor related to lead approach] [species] [class]. There’s the aspect representing important gear carried by the character, one about personality, and one about background. Ironbark Quarterstaff and Buckler and Ridiculously Bull-Headed practically wrote themselves, while Hurloon Tribe Stone-Caller came about when I changed the character’s class from stone-caller to druid. (Bonus points if you know where that Hurloon Tribe reference comes from.) The motivation aspect was harder. I feel that rangers, druids, wardens, and other nature worshipping characters should have motivations about protecting wild places, upholding the natural order, or, in this case, halting the spread of civilization. I like them to be worded so that they are slightly antagonistic, but won’t cause huge problems between players (problems between characters are fine, though).

Minotaur_DruidMinotaur Druid

High Concept: Vigilant Minotaur Druid
Motivation: I Must Halt Civilization’s Advance
Aspect: Hurloon Tribe Stone-Caller
Aspect: Ridiculously Bull-Headed
Aspect: Ironbark Quarterstaff and Buckler


  • Careful: Good (+3)
  • Clever: Fair (+2)
  • Flashy: Average (+1)
  • Forceful: Fair (+2)
  • Quick: Average (+1)
  • Sneaky: Mediocre (+0)


  • Burden of Stone: Because my counterstrikes magically weigh down my opponents, whenever I Carefully defend against a physical melee attack and succeed with style, I can give the attacker a Weighed Down aspect with a free invoke instead of gaining a boost.
  • Hymns of the Earth: Because I can raise spires of rock from the ground with my song, I get +2 to Cleverly create an advantage to create aspects related to rough, impassible or hazardous rocky terrain in my or an adjacent zone.
  • Thunderhoof Charge: Because I hit with the strength of an avalanche after building up momentum, I get +2 to Forcefully attack with my horns as long as I move at least one zone before attacking.

Stress: ▢ ▢ ▢

  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):

The character illustration is the free paper mini made by Printable Heroes. The free versions are backless, but if you support the Patreon at just $1 a month you get minis with backs. For $2 a month you get access to “reskins”, and for $3 a month you get multiple color options. That’s a fantastic deal.

Wednesday Warriors: Minotaur Druid

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