Cortex Friday: Delayed

I’m sorry to do this, but this week’s Cortex Friday post is going to be somewhat late. I’ll try to get it posted on Friday night (rather than noon as usual) but it might have to go up on Saturday afternoon instead.

I usually write these posts the night before they go up, but a sick kid made that pretty hard to do this week. Plus, adapting the Black Pudding’s bifurication stunt into Cortex Prime rules is proving a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

Thanks for hanging with me, and sorry again for the delay. I’ll try to get the Cortex Prime versions of the Changing Rogue, Elf Monk, Black Pudding (and Gelatinous Cube and Grey Ooze), and Kobold Tribe up as soon as possible.

Cortex Friday: Delayed

3 thoughts on “Cortex Friday: Delayed

  1. Benj says:

    Bifurcation: On a successful reaction against an electricity- or cutting-based action, convert your opponent’s effect die into a multiplicity-related Stunt, or step up one of your Signature Assets for your next action.
    If your opponent’s action succeeds, spend 1 PP to use this SFX.

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