Moving Forward, Patreon, and Facelift

It’s been over a month since that last Necromancy blog post. As usual, I intended to post more frequently, but lacked the energy to actually do it. So it might come as a surprise to learn I’ve change the name of the site and launched a Patreon. Why set up a Patreon if I can’t maintain a regular posting schedule?

Well, if I’m being honest, a big part of not having the motivation to post here is a lack of return. I’ve mentioned this before, but the thing that caused me to step away from podcasting a few years back was feeling that I put way more effort into recording, editing, and producing the episodes than I got out of them. The excitement of making something wears off after a while, and it’s hard to keep producing content when you feel like you’re just dumping your time and energy into a bottomless well without any kind of benefit in return. While I was getting decent viewership numbers (and a few occasional comments) back when I was posting regularly, it still felt pretty one sided.

Which brings me to Patreon. It sounds kind of crass, but getting paid for the effort I put into making these resources would be a big motivator. I have considered setting up a Patreon several times in the past, but felt like I didn’t have enough of an audience or a stable posting schedule to make it worthwhile. I also couldn’t decide on tiers, pricing, or rewards. I’m not good at self-promotion, and so, like a lot of things, kept putting it off.

But with the upcoming changes to Patreon creator accounts, I have to launch my page before May in order to be “grandfathered in” at the standard level. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve done a “soft launch” (meaning the page is live), am currently in the process of updating the old monster and hero PDFs, and will be posting them to the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon site. The goal is to have all of that done by mid-May, and then start releasing new content on the last Friday of each month.

I’m not expecting to get rich from this (especially as I’ll continue to release these resources for free and so am mainly using Patreon like a tip jar), but making a few bucks a month would help with motivation. Plus, I’ve found I perform better when there’s a bit of pressure, like having Patreon supporters. I’ll still be posting new content to the Fantastic Fate Resources page too, just so that there are multiple places the files will live.

Thanks for sticking with me, and for the comments. I’d really appreciate you checking out the Patreon page and sharing that around so it reaches as many people as possible.

Moving Forward, Patreon, and Facelift

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