Update: New Patreon Goal & Reward Tier

Howdy folks!

As we mentioned in our last post, we’ve started a Patreon for Fantastic Fate Resources and thanks to some very generous supporters, we’ve already reached our first goal. Thank you all so much for your support! We now have the funds for an ad-free blog site with a custom domain name, as well as more storage space for the PDFs. We’ll start working on the site upgrade soon, with the intention of having it up and running by June 2019.

Our next Patreon goal, which is set at $25 a month, is additional content. Right now, there are usually between one to four monsters, antagonists, and/or obstacles in each resource pack. That’s one to two pages per PDF, as each individual entry takes up about half a page depending on size and complexity. Filler enemies usually take up less space, and bosses often take up more. (For example the Purple Worm, which has yet to be updated, takes up an entire page all by itself due to its stunts and special rules.)

When we reach our $25 goal, we’ll increase the size of each monthly resource pack to two to six entries across a minimum of three pages. That’s two full page entries, six half page entries, twelve quarter page entries, or a combination of all three (which is most likely).

We’ve also just added a new $5 reward tier – Collaborator. At this level, we’ll ask for feedback and suggestions about the mechanical elements of an individual entry. So, in addition to getting to vote on the general theme of each monthly set, we’ll ask Collaborators which aspect, approach array, or stunt they like for a specific monster.

We’ll most likely ask for input around the middle of each month. That way we’ll have the resources mostly planned out, allowing us to present a number of options for Collaborators to choose from.

Two last things. The poll to determine the theme for the June 2019 resource pack is still running. If you’re supporting us on Patreon at $2 or higher, don’t forget to go and vote for what you’d like to see. Also, we’re still trying to reach 100 followers on Twitter. Once we do, we’ll release some Capcom Monster Hunter inspired creatures as a free resource pack in addition to the regular monthly content. Help us spread the word and unlock some cool monsters in the process!

Thanks again for all your support!


Update: New Patreon Goal & Reward Tier

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