Lizardfolk Clutch

(Note: Supporters of the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon got the Lizardfolk Clutch PDFs on May 31st. The post has now been updated to include a link to the resources.)

Howdy folks,

May 2019’s resource pack is the Lizardfolk Clutch – four scaly enemies (a Threat, a Hitter, some Filler, and a Boss) and a thematically linked countdown hazard on two pages. Actually four pages, as this is the first resource pack to contain both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats. Enough people said they’d be interested in seeing both versions for us to go ahead and do it. It’s not that much more work, and it will hopefully make these resources even more useful. The first two pages of each resource pack are the Fate Accelerated versions, and the remaining two pages are the Fate Core versions. That should allow people to easily print out a complete set of resources for whichever version of Fate they’re playing. (By the way, we’re always open to heading ideas and feedback about how these sheets are laid out. If you have a suggestion about how to make these more user-friendly, please let us know.)

You might notice there isn’t anything overtly magical about the lizardfolk in this set. No shamans or warlocks or wizards. That was intentional. While we are focusing mainly on fantasy themed resources (hence the name of this patreon), we’d eventually like to make resources for other genres too. Fate is a very flexible system able to handle a number of genres, and we’d like to help show that off. Pulp adventure is another of our favorite game genres, and lizardfolk work great as antagonists for “Journey to the Center of the Earth” type scenarios. To be perfectly honest, the Summon the Scaled Beast! countdown hazard in this set was heavily inspired by King Kong and other jungle-trekking adventures where some horrible monster is summoned to devour a hapless sacrifice or rampage through the group of protagonists. We kept the “high fantasy” elements in this set to a minimum so that people could use the lizardfolk clutch in multiple genres. That won’t always be possible, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for similar “crossovers” in future resource packs.

So as not to overwhelm you all with constant update posts, here’s a tentative schedule of what’s coming up for June 2019:

• June’s resource pack is going to be Sirens. They were a clear favorite over the skeletons, with 100% of the vote. The finished resource pack will be released to patrons on Friday, June 28th (and go public at the end of July), with a patron-only progress report post on the 14th, and a poll for $5+ patrons to help us build an antagonist on the 21st.

• We’ve started updating the old fantasy hero characters and will publicly release the first one, the Agile Elf Monk, on Friday June 7th. Going forward, heroes will be posted on the first Friday of each month. All have been updated to include both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats.

• The next monster set to be updated is the Juvenile Dragons, which will be released on Friday, June 14th. As with the heroes, these will also have both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats. Additionally, there is currently a half-page of blank space in the dragon set. As a thank you to our patrons, we’re asking what they’d like to see fill that space; rules for dragon lairs, rules for expanded breath weapon effects, or some dragon-worshipping cultists. (If you want to help decide what else goes in the dragon set, consider becoming a patron.)

• Speaking of polls, the post to help determine July 2019’s resource theme will be sent out to $2+ patrons on Friday, June 7th. We’re currently thinking about either fishfolk or an aboleth, but that might change.

One last update, thanks to the support of our patrons, we’ve updated the blog to an ad-free, custom domain site. Thank you all so much. Things are still getting set up and sorted out here, so there might be some hiccups and sudden changes as we get it all worked out. Thank for your patience.

Again, if you want early access to these resources, to vote in polls for the theme of future months, to get progress reports about what to expect, to help build antagonists, or just to say thanks, head over to the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon page. Thanks.

The Lizardfolk Clutch PDFs are now publicly available. The links on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

Lizardfolk Clutch

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