Siren & Song Variations

(Note: Supporters of the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon got the Siren & Song Variations PDFs on July 26th. The post has now been updated to include a link to the resources.)

Howdy folks,

Back at the start of June, we said we’d be donating all of the Patreon funds (before fees) collected this month to the Equality Federation, as well as donating a matching amount out of our own pockets. It looks like the total donation is going to be $50; we’ll make a separate post with a screenshot of the receipt after we’ve made the donation once the Patreon funds clear. We’ll probably do more donations like this in the future, because while making a bit of income from these resource packs is nice, there are other places the money can do more good. Okay. On to the resource pack.

June 2019’s resource pack is the Siren & Song Variations – a single enemy (a fantastic hitter) and three thematically linked hazards on two pages. Both the Fate Accelerated and Fate Core versions of the siren fit onto a single page, and the three song variations are the same regardless of which version of Fate you’re using.

When we first thought about doing the siren (which was the theme selected by our Influencer and Collaborator level supporters), we were imagining an aquatic creature. Something similar to a mermaid. But while doing research for the monster, we discovered the original siren from Greek mythology had avian features. Some were described as birds with human faces, others were human from the shoulders up, and still others were winged humans, sort of like harpies. We also discovered that some sirens were associated with either Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades, and had different types of voices based on that association.

We thought that was pretty cool, and asked our Collaborators if they wanted to see three different sirens with “built in” song effects, or a single siren with three different song variations. Based on the title of this post, you can probably guess which option won.

While the siren has some very high approaches/skills (the highest we’ve done so far), it really is a glass cannon. It’s physical stats are low, it has a small stress track, and it will crumple very quickly if it gets into a straight up slugfest with the heroes. Which is why it needs to stay out of reach and harass opponents with its song effects. All the sirens can put charm-related aspects on opponents, but depending on which type they encounter, the heroes will also have to deal with recurring mental stress (from the chthonian siren), immobility (from the elysian siren), or forced movement (from the pandemonium siren). If you wanted to have a really challenging encounter, you could two or even three sirens of different types at the heroes, or give a single siren multiple song effects. But that seems kind of mean, honestly. (If you do end up doing that, please let us know how it works out.)

As we did last month here’s a tentative schedule of what’s coming up for July 2019:
  • July’s resource pack is going to be an Aboleth. It was a clear favorite with about half of the total votes. The finished resource pack will be released to patrons on Friday, July 26th (and go public at the end of August), with a patron-only progress report post on the 12th, and a poll for $5+ patrons to help us build an antagonist on the 19th.

  • The next updated fantasy hero, the Cautious Dwarven Runepriest, will be posted on Friday July 5th.

  • The Juvenile Dragons & Lair, which we promised last month, took longer to update than we anticipated. We’re aiming to have updated version of them posted on July 12th.

  • The post to help determine August 2019’s resource theme will be sent out to $2+ patrons on Friday, July 5th. Although we’ll probably stick with something fantasy related, we have been considering a cyberpunk themed resource pack.

Again, if you want early access to these resources, to vote in polls for the theme of future months, to get progress reports about what to expect, to help build antagonists, or just to say thanks, head over to the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon page. Thanks.

The Siren & Song Variations PDFs are now publicly available. The links on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

Siren & Song Variations

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