Audacious Human Battlemage

Audacious-Human-Battlemage-PatreonThe Audacious Human Battlemage was the first fantasy character we created for what would eventually become Fantastic Fate Resources. As we’ve mentioned before, we wanted to introduce Fate Accelerated Edition (and RPGs in general) to some of our younger relatives, were inspired by Printable Heroes’ fantastic paper miniatures, and made a selection of typical fantasy heroes. Years later, the Battlemage has undergone some tweaks and been updated with Fate Core stats.

One of the challenges when making Fate Core versions of these characters is how to handle magic. It’s easier to do magic and spellcasting in Fate Accelerated because any of the six approaches can be used with any of the four actions. How the character approaches magic is more important than what skill they use.

With Fate Core though, some skills are restricted in what actions they can be paired with. For example, you can’t normally use Crafts or Lore to make attacks. Both would be an appropriate skill to represent magical ability and knowledge however. Giving the character a stunt that allows skills to be used in ways that they normally couldn’t is one way to handle magic. Another way is to not explicitly state what skill the character uses, which is what I’ve done with the Battlemage’s Explosive Runes stunt.

The links for the Audacious Human Battlemage on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

We’ll continue to post updates like this when heroes and monsters released prior to the Patreon page have been updated to include both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats.

Just a reminder, these resources are made possible thanks to the supporters of the Fantastic Fate Patreon page. Patrons get new resource packs a full month before they’re released to the public, get to vote on the theme of upcoming monthly sets, as well as help make decisions regarding the stats and presentation of antagonists.

Audacious Human Battlemage

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