Aboleth & Lair

(Note: Supporters of the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon got the Aboleth & Lair PDFs on July 26th. The post has now been updated to include a link to the resources.)

Howdy folks,
This post will have to be a quick one we’re afraid. Work, sickness, and parenting stuff didn’t leave us with much free time this month. So let’s get to it.
July 2019’s resource pack is the Aboleth & Lair – a single enemy (a superb boss) and number of hazards and blocks representing it’s lair, minions, and notes on psychic powers across three pages. Both the Fate Accelerated and Fate Core versions of the aboleth fit onto a single page, and the other material is on the third page.
While the aboleth is meant to be one of the more fearsome fantasy monsters, it’s entirely possible we made it too powerful. It has a full complement of stress and consequence boxes, a very high lead approach/skill it can attack with, and a number of ways to avoid taking damage. On top of that, its lair can have several nasty hazards that are hard to get away from, and can act independently of the aboleth. In other words, it’s a beast. Fate characters are hard to kill, but we still suggest you use this monster sparingly.
As we did last month here’s a tentative schedule of what’s coming up for August 2019:
  • August’s resource pack is going to be Spider Elves. They were a clear favorite with over 80% of the votes. The finished resource pack will be released to patrons on Friday, August 30th (and go public at the end of September), with a patron-only progress report post on the 17th. As we were unable to run a poll for our $5+ patrons this month, we’re going to ask for larger input from our Collaborators when making the material for August.
  • The next updated fantasy hero, the Cautious Dwarven Runepriest, will be posted on Friday August 2nd.
  • We’re still working on the JuvenileDragons&Lair. Rather than promise it again and fail to deliver, there will be some updated monster released on Friday, August 9th though we’re not sure with one yet.
  • The post to help determine September 2019’s resource theme will be sent out to $2+ patrons on Friday, August 2nd. As we mentioned last month, we might do a cyberpunk themed resource pack.

Again, if you want early access to these resources, to vote in polls for the theme of future months, to get progress reports about what to expect, to help build antagonists, or just to say thanks, head over to the Fantastic Fate Resources Patreon page. Thanks.

The Aboleth & Lair PDFs are now publicly available. The links on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

Aboleth & Lair

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