Cautious Dwarven Runepriest

Cautious-Dwarven-Runepriest-PatreonThe Cautious Dwarven Runepriest was the second fantasy character we created a few years ago for what would become Fantastic Fate Resources. Just like the Audacious Human Battlemage, we were inspired by one of  Printable Heroes’ fantastic paper miniatures, but apart from the addition of Fate Core stats, the Runepriest hasn’t undergone any major changes.

Just like with last month’s Battlemage, the Dwarven Runepriest uses magic. Unlike the Battlemage though, we linked the Runepriest’s magical ability to the Lore skill for the Fate Core version. We imagined the character gaining their magical ability through prayer and study, and that seemed a good fit for Lore.

The defensive nature of the character also meant that not being able to attack with Lore wouldn’t be a problem, as it would be for the Battlemage. Instead of fireballs and explosions, the Runepriest’s spells create magical shields for themselves and their allies, represented in game terms by aspects. The Wards and Sigils stunt grants a bonus to this action, reinforcing the character’s flavor and purpose. It’s worth pointing out that there’s nothing stopping the Runepriest from using their spells offensively to hinder or curse opponents, they simply won’t get a bonus when doing so.

The links for the Cautious Dwarven Runepriest on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

We’ll continue to post updates like this when heroes and monsters released prior to the Patreon page have been updated to include both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats.

Just a reminder, these resources are made possible thanks to the supporters of the Fantastic Fate Patreon page. Patrons get new resource packs a full month before they’re released to the public, get to vote on the theme of upcoming monthly sets, as well as help make decisions regarding the stats and presentation of antagonists.

Cautious Dwarven Runepriest

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