Calculating High Elf Arcane Pistoleer

Calculating-HighElf-Arcane-Pistoleer-PatreonThe Calculating High Elf Arcane Pistoleer was a later hero that, just like the Agile Elf MonkAudacious Human Battlemage and Cautious Dwarven Runepriest, was inspired by one of  Printable Heroes’ fantastic paper miniatures. Also like the Monk and Runepreist, apart from the addition of Fate Core stats, the Arcane Pistoleer hasn’t undergone that many changes.

Just like the previous month’s Battlemage and Runepriest, the Arcane Pistoleer uses magic. Unlike those other heroes though, there is very little defined about the extent of that magical ability. Can an Arcane Pistoleer cast big, flashy spells like a wizard, using their pistols in place of a wand? Maybe. Or maybe they can only shoot magical bullets with those spell-lock pistols, and have very little other magical powers. That vaguarity is intentional. The Fantastic Fate Resource heroes are meant to be examples of what’s possible with the Fate roleplaying game and act as pre-generated characters for pick-up games. We have tried to write aspects and stunts that are evocative but still leave room for players to interpret in different ways to add their own creativity.

Apart from some minor wording changes, the biggest different with this new version of the Arcane Pistoleer is the Senior Officer stunt. It now costs a fate point and requires there to be an Azurecloak presence in the area. The junior Azurecloaks also only hang around for a single scene (though nothing is stopping the player from spending additional fate points to extend that duration if they want to). This change is to prevent a player from using the stunt right at the beginning of a game and then having two NPCs for their character to boss around for the entire session. Which is exactly what happened in a game we ran last year. It didn’t feel fair to the other players, so we’ve made the stunt more expensive and limited its duration to prevent abuse.

The links for the Calculating High Elf Arcane Pistoleer on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here.

We’ll continue to post updates like this when heroes and monsters released prior to the Patreon page have been updated to include both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats.

Just a reminder, these resources are made possible thanks to the supporters of the Fantastic Fate Patreon page. Patrons get new resource packs a full month before they’re released to the public, get to vote on the theme of upcoming monthly sets, as well as help make decisions regarding the stats and presentation of antagonists.

Calculating High Elf Arcane Pistoleer

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