Abyssal Manta

In addition to the Abyssal Manta, patrons got a page of bonus content containing two additional subterranean aberrations: a Dark Squid and Impaler Clusters.

The Abyssal Manta is an updated (and renamed) version of a rather ridiculous monster that mimics a cloak found in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. We wrote up the original version about two years ago, and like many of our early resources, it was inspired by one of  Printable Heroes’ paper miniatures.

Apart from renaming some stunts and deciding what skills/ratings the Fate Core version of the monster would have based on its Fate Accelerated approaches, we didn’t change much from the original. Even after all this time, we’re still pretty happy with both the Phantasms and Subsonic Moan stunts. Both are interesting abilities that make an otherwise fragile monster more dangerous. The Phantasms stunt in particular ensures the Abyssal Manta will hang around longer to harass the party, unless the heroes can find a way to deal with the magical duplicates (usually by overcoming the aspect to remove it from the scene).

The links for the Abyssal Manta on the front page under Resource Catalogue have been updated, or you can grab the A4 sized version here and the letter sized version here. We’ll continue to post updates like this when heroes and monsters released prior to the Patreon page have been updated to include both Fate Accelerated and Fate Core stats.

Just a reminder, these resources are made possible thanks to the supporters of the Fantastic Fate Patreon page. Patrons get new resource packs a full month before they’re released to the public, get to vote on the theme of upcoming monthly sets, as well as help make decisions regarding the stats and presentation of antagonists.

Abyssal Manta

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