Wednesday Warriors: Dragonkin Fighter

Wednesday Warriors are back! And with a species of hero I haven’t done yet: dragonkin. (I’m not sure if Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro have trademarked the other name for humanoid dragons found in Dungeons & Dragons, so I’m erring on the side of caution.)

I’ve mentioned this before, but I like to spread out the three stunts these characters have between the four Fate actions (Attack, Defend, Create an Advantage, and Overcome an Obstacle) wherever possible. Sometimes that is rather difficult, especially with the more “straightforward” character types such as fighters.

As this character is a humanoid dragon, and a red dragon at that, I knew one of the stunts had to be about a breath weapon. Fiery Breath is the same stunt as Burning Hands from the the very first Fate Accelerated Edition fantasy adventurer I made, the Human Battlemage. I feel like that’s cheating a little bit, but setting things on fire seemed really appropriate here. Fire tends to do that after all. Immobilize was inspired by one of the fighter’s class features from 13th Age by Pelgrane Press, which is another system that I like. Protecting your allies by keeping opponents locked in combat with you is an active way to handle a defensive ability. It also interacts well with the Tenacity stunt (though I fully admit I only saw that interaction after I’d finished writing the character up), as that allows the fighter to ignore a complication for a scene, making them more durable.

The aspects for this character draw heavily from the typical red dragon personality: vain and greedy, with a eye for bargaining. It pushes the fighter in a more evil, or at least mercenary and self-serving, direction in my opinion. Heroes don’t necessarily have to be good after all.

Dragonkin_FighterDragonkin Fighter

High Concept: Decisive Dragonkin Fighter
Motivation: I Must Spread the Glory of My Name
Aspect: Avarice is a Virtue
Aspect: Surprisingly Shrewd Negotiator
Aspect: Ornate Heavy Plate Armor and Shield


  • Careful: Average (+1)
  • Clever: Average (+1)
  • Flashy: Fair (+2)
  • Forceful: Good (+3)
  • Quick: Fair (+2)
  • Sneaky: Mediocre (+0)


  • Fiery Breath: Because I can breath forth a cone of fire, whenever I Flashily
    attack with my breath weapon and succeed with style, I can give my opponent or a nearby object an On Fire aspect with a free invoke instead of gaining a boost.
  • Immobilize: Because I know how to keep my opponents in place, I get +2  to oppose another character attempting to move out of my zone.
  • Tenacity: Because I have immense strength of will, I may choose to ignore a mild or moderate consequence for the duration of a scene. It can’t be compelled against me or invoked by my enemies. At the end of the scene it comes back worse; a mild consequence becomes moderate, and a moderate consequence becomes severe.

Stress: ▢ ▢ ▢

  • Mild (2):
  • Moderate (4):
  • Severe (6):

The character illustration is the free paper mini made by Printable Heroes. The free versions are backless, but if you support the Patreon at just $1 a month you get minis with backs. For $2 a month you get access to “reskins”, and for $3 a month you get multiple color options. That’s a fantastic deal.

Wednesday Warriors: Dragonkin Fighter