Diary of a Smalltown Dragon #1

Last Saturday we started our Monsterhearts 2 campaign. Monsterhearts is seriously one of my all time favorite roleplaying games ever, and I’m stoked we’ve finally started a new campaign! If you haven’t heard of Monsterhearts, it’s a roleplaying game about the messy lives of teenage monsters. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Ginger Snaps, Gossip Girl, The Craft, The Secret Circle, and Jennifer’s Body, and True Blood to name (more than) a few media examples. The characters are all teenagers, and all (usually) some form of supernatural creature: vampire, werewolf, fae, ghoul, witch, so there’s some similarities with the White Wolf and Onyx Path World of Darkness games.

But it’s not just about being a monster. In Monsterhearts, the main characters are both literal and metaphorical monsters. The Werewolf is both a werewolf and a metaphor for authority issues. The Ghost is an actual ghost and a metaphor for feeling isolated and invisible. The Ghoul is a reanimated corpse with a hunger, and a metaphor for thrill-seeking. I mentioned this before in my post about the two Skins I created for the game: The Oni and The Kitsune, but I think that double meaning makes the game really powerful. The game is also exploration of queerness; the monster as “other”, and sex and sexuality are a big part of the game. Monsterhearts incentivises and mechanizes flirting, turning other characters on, and sexual relationships to better emulate paranormal romance media. This game really opened my eyes to how a game’s mechanics can help create a certain play experience.

Sadly, we’ll only get to play once a month, cause “real life” is a pain and keeps us from meeting up more often. So to help tide myself over between sessions, and to help remember what happened on previous “episodes”, I’ve decided to start an in-character diary. These posts will be recaps of sessions from my character’s perspective, with some a few mentions of mechanics thrown in to explain things. Warning: there will be depictions of teenage sex and violence here, as well as strong language. Proceed with caution if you’re not into that kind of stuff.

Entry #1 – Monday, sometime around midnight

So, I haven’t kept a diary since like, elementary school, but today turned out to be a real shit show. I’ve heard that keeping a journal can help deal with your emotions or something, so I figured writing this stuff down might help me calm down. I’ve finished cleaning up all the broken glass in my room, Luckily nothing in my collection got damaged, but who the fuck throws a phone through someone’s bedroom window at eleven thirty at night? Seriously. Once I find out who’s responsible for this, head are going to roll.

Donna Strickland: the dangerous, unblinking-eyed, 19 year old Wyrm whose heart got so black

Today started out normally enough, I guess. Woke up, showered, had breakfast, then just relaxed until it was time for my shift at the Speedway. I work two to nine on Mondays, which is OK, but it means I have to deal with all the kids stopping by after high school lets out. I should have gotten a job at the other Speedway, the one on the other side of town cause then I wouldn’t have to deal with freaks. But the commute would suck. And I wouldn’t get to see Vivian, my treasure.

I will possess her.

Anyway, the shit started around noon. I got a text from Stacy that something weird was happening on Channel One in homeroom. Those AV nerds messed up the tape for the class representative candidates or something. I didn’t really care, I just made sure she was still coming over after my shift finished. She was. Which is good because I have plans for Stacy.

Work fucking sucked. That weird guy Xavier was hanging around as usual. I have no idea what mud-boy wants, but something’s off with him. He shows up every day after school, buys a roll of Bubble Tape, then just sits at one of the tables watching me. Like he’s fucking studying me or something. It’s creepy. Vivian was there too but I couldn’t really talk to her. I was too busy cleaning up the mess that bitch Ingrid made and she ducked out on me. She’s so closed in on herself. Inaccessible. It’s irresistible. I will own her soon.

Ingrid. Ugh. What is that freak’s deal? She tries to buy a pack of Camel Lights with an obviously fake ID, then gets all pissy when I say I won’t sell to minors. I know she’s still a fuking junior, and when I scanned her ID it came up as some 40-something dude from Hawaii. No way. Instead of acting like a sane person, Ingrid gets all in my shit, then knocks over all of the candy racks by the door on her way out. One of the county police officers, Tim, was in the store to see her giant hissy fit. But he just asked if she was going to clean it up, then did nothing when she said “no”. Useless. I had to clean all that up. I’ve no idea where Ingrid came from, but I heard she lives in her car. That thing is a real piece of shit, too.

Vivian walked past while I was down on all fours trying to get a box of Mike & Ikes from under the counter. She looked… thinner than usual. Gaunt. I hope she’s OK. I like my possessions to be in perfect condition. I said “hi” and she said “hi” back, and I made some comment about how weird Ingrid is, and then then things kind of trailed off. She said she had to go, and ducked out. I watched her leave and saw Ingrid leaning into Evlylyn’s car right outside in the parking lot. What the fuck does Evlylyn want? Wait. That’s one of her flunkies over in line isn’t it? Sophie or something? Jesus. Ever since I snatched Evlylyn’s boyfriend away from her last year she’s been a fucking pain in my ass. I didn’t even want the guy. Not really. I just wanted him because she had him. And everything in this lame town belongs to me. Or will eventually. I bang on the window to tell them to fuck off and see Ingrid handing Evlylyn a cigarette. That homeless little whore didn’t even need that pack of Camels! She trashed the front of the Speedway for no goddamn reason!

As a perfect end to all this, Xavier comes over. He yells “Ingrid!”, knocks over another rack of chips, then runs out. What the fuck is wrong with people? They’re all on my shit list anyway. They’re all currency I’ll happily spend to buy what I really want: Vivian. I just need to discover their worth first.

A shot of the table during the game. You can just barely see Ingrid’s portrait at the top.

The rest of my shift at the Speedway was pretty uneventful after Vivian, Xavier, Ingrid, and Evlylyn left. Thank god. Tim wandered off after doing nothing. I thought the cops were supposed to prevent stuff like Ingrid’s hissy fit from happening. He’s dropped a couple pegs in my book.

Stacy came over to my place at about 10pm. She’s a year younger than me and is still a senior at Childers High School, but she seems OK. Apparently there was this weird video in between the campaign messages for the student council representatives. Like the messages had been recorded over something else already on the tape, but bits of it came through. Something about a concrete wall, splashing liquid, and people arguing. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to what Stacy said, since that’s high school bullshit. I graduated from that dump last year and don’t really care what happens there anymore. I just wanted to show Stacy the new additions to my Collection.

I nonchalantly walked over to my wall of CDs while she was talking and casually ran my fingers across some of them. Her eyes got this hungry glow, and I knew she wanted something. Just like everyone else who sees my Collection. They always want something from my Collection, and I’m more than happy to give it to them. For the right price.

Stacy asked if I had the Batman Forever Soundtrack, which of course I did. I pulled the CD out of the rack, and she practically snatched it out of my hands. She spent a long time reading the tracklist over and over again, and I just let her stew in her own desire. I could smell it on her like cheap perfume. Finally I told her the CD was hers, if she did me a favor. If she found out where Ingrid lived. I knew Stacy would say yes before she even answered. People always want something from my Collection, and will do just about anything to get it.

That includes stealing it, so I have to constantly watch people around my hoard. Good thing I was paying attention too, because Stacy tried to walk off with that CD. It didn’t seem to be intentional; she was just so wrapped up her desire she hadn’t realized she was still holding onto the thing. I took it back, set it down on the dresser, and gently reminded her she could have it after she told me were Ingrid lives. She said she would, then backed out of my room and up the stairs (I live in the basement), not taking her eyes off that jewel case until she absolutely had to. With Stacy gone, I sprawled on my bed thinking about how I was going to get Ingrid back for that scene at the Speedway. Bitch should not have started shit with me.

Then, sometime around 11:30pm this phone comes crashing through my bedroom window. Glass goes everywhere, and the lid to my phonograph gets smashed. I don’t actually use the turntable part, but it’s a vital component of my audio system setup. You bet your ass I am going to find out who did this…

Diary of a Smalltown Dragon #1